Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart
San Angelo Texas

All monies used to support the music program come from the general operating fund, directed donations, and the Director of Cathedral Music Ministries personal contribution ($6,490.65) - last 6 months) NO MONEY COMES FROM THE C.A.S.A FUND
The cathedral functions not only as one parish among many in this diocese but also as a mother church. Magisterial documents throughout the last century and earlier consistently lay a special charge at the feet of those responsible for music at cathedrals - Sacrosanctum Concilium, 114. Musicam Sacram, 19, 20. Tra le sollecitudini 4, 29. Sing to the Lord, 16. Ceremonial of Bishops, 12, 33, 38, 39, 40.
Even as many variables, both pastoral and practical, effect a great diversity of liturgical musical practices throughout the Catholic Church, it remains the particular obligation of cathedral churches to foster choirs, the normative sung liturgy, preservation of chant and choral music, etc. Due to this responsibility as a cathedral per se, our liturgies will probably look and sound somewhat different than those to which most people are accustomed - and will require different resources to enable the cathedral to fulfil its unique and particular task musically. This is intentional and, indeed, necessary.
Paid professional cantors and choirs have been a part of the Catholic musical tradition for many centuries and continue to inspire Christians in their worship beyond what is accessible to the ordinary pew-singer. Vatican II explicitly urges the development of such choirs.

Breakdown of what the Director has spent of his own money

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Sharing our vision

Things have changed a lot in the 2017-2018 academic year at the Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart in downtown San Angelo Texas. Our music program is developing into what you would expect to find in the best cathedrals anywhere across the United States.  This first-class program will require the support of people like you to sustain it vibrantly into the future.


In 2017-2018 we began the process of restructuring  the music ministry of the cathedral in a style suitable for a cathedral. A Schola Cantorum was formed, employing gifted students, a couple of adult professional musicians and any of the volunteeer singers who wanted to sing at 6:00 PM Mass. A full time children's choir was begun, which sang 2 Sundays a month at 10:00 AM Mass. The adult choir members continued to give support to the 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Masses. The small spanish choir group continued supporting the music for the Spanish Mass.  Out of this experience emerged some obvious conclusions - (1)  to develop the Schola Cantorum into a first rate music ensemble would require a different approach to developing the singer's roster for the group. (2) Our first year attempt  to do so put the musical development of most of the volunteers on hold, as we spent all of our rehearsal time grinding through repertoire that some of them could not handle.(3) This personnel mix resulted in unforced errors that compromised the no-fail quality of the product. (4) The overall product quality Sunday evening however had risen to such a degree that it actually discouraged new volunteers from participating for fear "they wouldn't be good enough" All of these concerns have been adressed in the upcoming 2018-2019 season. 

For the 2018-2019 academic year - we enter the middle phase of our development.

One issue that needed adressing was the number of volunteer singers available to populate choirs for each of the Masses. In addition to extensive advertising over the summer and start of this school year a massive community outreach effort during the summer was made by offering individual lessons and age specific music reading classes. The voice lessons ran two days a week fron 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The music reading classes two days a week  9:15 AM- 6:45 PM. This has had a positive effect on the cathedral's relationship with the general community and has garnered a good number of singers for the adult and children's choir programs for the new academic year.

The Schola Cantorum is now populated with a strong mix of professional singers, gifted students, and some selected volunteers. This prepares for the final phase which is to migrate all the men from the Schola Cantorum into a new cathedral choir of men and boys in a few years time when the children's choir program has developed sufficiently in expertise and numbers to splt the boys and girls - The women of the Schola Cantorum at that stage would migrate to the women's chorale strengthening it. 

The cathedral choir (all volunteer) is now assigned to sing weekly at one Mass (Saturday evening) - rather than trying to serve over 3 Masses as in the past. This allows a choral item to be programmed for that choir to sing thats suits the talents of the  group and with sufficient numbers of people so the item doesn't have to be cancelled due to unexpected absences or too few people present -  It allows time at rehearsal to work on vocal development and  music reading. With the cathedral choir at just one Mass and the implimentation of the women's chorale it means the end of 2 - 6  people "choirs"on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

The Women's Chorale - a new group that sings weekly at the 10 AM Mass with  the caveat that they must have some music reading ability. This allows them to have their shortened weekly rehearsal on Sunday morning before Mass (no weekday night rehearsal)  focused on repertoire and less on vocal development and music reading. 

The children's choir for 2018-2019 is now split into three. A "training" cherub choir that sings once a month at 10 AM Mass,  the main children's choir that sings twice a month at the 10 AM Mass and a Spanish children's choir that sings once a month at the Spanish Mass. The children's choir will eventually morph in a couple of years into the Cathedral Choristers (Boys) and the Cathedral Girl's Choir. The children's choirs are affiliated  to  the Royal School of Church Music and follow their "Voice for Life" curriculum.


I need to raise $16,950 for our salary budget shortfall to allow us to complete the season. Otherwise the schola will sing for the first half of the choir season  and then put all of its paid singers on hold January 29. That's just 34 donors at $500 each

In my budget proposal I had two salary lines (all for the Schola Cantorum) - one for 4 section leaders, one for 8 choral scholars/ layclerks. I had nothing for a Spanish cantor. I removed the request for the 4 section leaders after intense pressure from the budget committee to do so and on the basis that I would seek funding for them elsewhere.  Professional singers are essential to lock their section down - prevent any failure, mentor the student and volunteer singers in their section and to form the charteristic tone of their line. This is how professionally led cathedral choirs work and why they are able to make the music they do at the high level they do.  If you would like to see a music program at the cathedral that is worthy of a cathedral then I would urge you to come along to Saturday night Mass and hear the Schola Cantorum in action. I would encourage you to youtube the following items to get an appreciation of what is about to unfold musically at Saturday night Mass. This repertoire list is on the level of the best cathedral music programs in the United States. It is too advanced for students and selected volunteers alone. We need the security and leadership professional singers bring that allows the students and volunteers to perform this music well.

Saturday 29 September             Super Fluminia Babylonis              Palestrina
Saturday 6 October                      Ubi Caritas                                            Durufle                
Saturday 13 October                   Like as the Hart                                   Howells
Saturday 20 October                  Beati Quorum Via                              Stanford
Saturday 27 October                  O Lord increase our Faith              Loosemore
 Wednesday 31 October           Justorem Animae                               Stanford              
Saturday 3 November                I give you a new Commandment Sheppard
Saturday 10 November             Let my Prayer come up                     Blow
Saturday 17 November             And I saw a new heaven                   Bainton
Saturday 24 November             Let all Mortal Flesh                            Bairstow
Saturday 1 December                And the Glory of the Lord               Handel
Friday 7 December                      Ave Maria                                               Parsons                               
Saturday 8 December                Canite Tuba                                           Palestrina
Saturday 15 December             Rejoice in the Lord Always             Annon                                 
Saturday 22 December            Magnificat (Collegium Regale)      Howells
Monday 24 December              Christmas Program                                                         
Saturday 29 December             O Magnum Mysterium                    Vittoria



How can I support the Cathedral's Mission?

(1) Named Chair Endowments. 

To establish support in perpetuity is the most effective means to ensuring program financial success in the long term. A name goes on the endowment and in all annoucements and advertising pertaining to the endowment. These endowments would be managed by the diocese with a 5% payout each year.

One choral scholar position could be secured by endowment for $50,400. $2,400 to pay for 1st year cost up front $48,000 for endownment fund - the interest generated covering the yearly cost thereafter. We envisage a music program with 8-12 choral scholars.

One section leader position could be secured by endowment for $75,600. $3600 to pay for 1st year cost up front $72,000  for endownment fund - the interest generated covering the yearly cost thereafter. We envisage a music program with 4 professional section leaders.

One Spanish cantor position could be secured by endowment for $50,400. $2,400 to pay for 1st year cost up front $48,000  for endownment fund - the interest generated covering the yearly cost thereafter. We envisage 1 spanish cantor position..

(2) Single or recurring gifts

These would be used to support ongoing costs of choral scholar stipends - not covered by endowments. When this level of support exceeded costs - a general music  endowment fund would be established for the surplus.

Individual Donor levels are:
Saint Cecilia: $2,000
Sacred Heart: $1,000 
Seraphim: $750
Archangel: $500
Angel: $250
Guarantor: $100
Patron: $50

Donations may be made online (below) or by check (payable to “The Cathedral Church of the Sacred heart - in the memo line for “Friends of Cathedral Music”).  

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