Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart
San Angelo Texas

Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart
20 E Beauregard Ave San Angelo 76903

free, all welcome, 7 years and older.

Individual Voice Training, Piano Lessons, Musicianship /Theory

Free lessons twice a week in voice, piano, organ. musicianship theory - either just one, or mix and match!


THE LAST 9 POSITIONS are now available on a first come first save basis.  In the form below please select three timeslots - listing them (1) (2) (3) - in order of your preference.  You can spread your preferences across both two day options.
First time  beginner piano students  7-12 y/o will need to purchase Bastien Piano Basics PRIMER,  12 y/o and older will need to purchase Bastien Older Beginner Piano Book 1. Non-beginners should bring ALL of their materials to the first lesson. For piano students It is assumed a keyboard of some sort is available for home practice.  

Singers and theory/musicianship students will not need to buy any materials - but non beginners should bring all relevant materials with them to the first lesson. 

First time organ students must be at least 14 y/o and have had significant rigorous classical and on-going piano studies - this will need to be demonstrated at an audition - A first or final movement from a Haydn or Mozart sonata or a Bach two part invention well played is the expected standard. Sheet music of the audition piece is to be provided at the audition.  Both the sheet music and the performance should be identical - reflecting all the notes the composer intended and in the key intended - no editorial or performance simplification, abridgement  or transposition.  Successful  organ student applicants will have access to the Cathedral's organ for practice purposes. By the second lesson a pair of "Organmaster" brand organ shoes should have been purchased together with the recommended organ primer book, decided at the conclusion of a successful audition. This may be an outlay of  between $80 to $150, probably around $120. Continuing organ students will need to demonstrate keyboard proficiency at a comparable level to first time organ students - they may do this at the piano or the organ.

All minors must have an adult relative or legal guardian/caregiver with them for the duration of each lesson. All students are expected to practice at home on a daily basis and demonstrate steady progress to maintain their spots. 


to secure a place, please resubmit with 3 valid preferences as per the instructions

​Harlee M submitted 2:40 PM 6/17/2019 - Tue/Thu 10:30 AM
Devan M submitted 10:25 AM 6/18/2019 - Tues/Thu 11:30 AM


32 Positions, 27  Registered Students, 5 Vacancies, 2  invalid submissions (please resubmit)

beginning Wednesday 3rd July

9:00 AM Alexis H (1)     
9:30 AM Vanessa V
10:00 AM Flynn M (2) 
10:30 AM   Genevieve M (1)
11:00 AM   Emma W (2)  
11:30 AM   Brandon W (1)  

3:30 PM   
4:00 PM Zayda M (1) 
​4:30 PM  Ryan M (1)
5:00 PM Brianna-Marie Z (1)
5:30 PM   MIchaela Z (2)
6:00 PM  Mia M (1)
6:30 PM Jonathan C
7:00 PM  Francisco G (1) 
7:30 PM  Elizabeth T (3)
​8:00 PM 

T UESDAY AND THURSDAY             ​​
beginning Tuesday 2nd July   ​​

9:00 AM Alyssa Z
9:30 AM  Krystal W (2) 
10:00 AM Carmen W (3)  
10:30 AM Miley A (1) 
11:00 AM
11:30 AM

3:30 PM David A (1) 
4:00 PM Kathleen B (1)
​4:30 PM  Jonah M (3) 
5:00 PM Rafael M (1)
5:30 PM Carol M (1) 
6:00 PM Franky A
6:30 PM Alyanna A
7:00 PM  Jayme A
​7:30 PM 
​8:00 PM  

​​                 In the form below please select three timeslots - listing them (1) (2) (3)  in order of your preference.​​                                                                                                         Failure to list three timeslots will mean you will not be considered for a place.​​

Wednesday and Friday preferred times (if none leave blank)
Tuesday and Thursday preferred times (if none leave blank)
Phone Number - text capable cell phone only (parent/guardian if minor)
Email (parent/guardian if pupil is a minor)
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